How It Works

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Customer Solutionshow it works

1.  Choose the membership that’s right for you…

Standard Membership or VIP Membership

2.  Register prior to requesting service. Once you register you will have access to request services that “Best Fit” your needs

3.  Login and request your Service(s)

4.  Standard Members are required to pay a Confirmation and Processing Fee

Payment for Services is:  in Advance or when service is Rendered 

5.  Email Confirmation will arrive for your records detailing your request 

6.  Your “Service Provide” will contact you and complete your service request within 24 hours of your request, or to confirm scheduled appointments


VIP Members have the option of payments either monthly through recurring billing or at the time services are Rendered.

Business Solutions

Are you a Property Manager, Leasing or Sales Agent or maybe a Business looking to add luxury amenities, to magnify Acquisitions, Engagement, Retention and Monetization – to propel sales, consumers and loyal customers?  Well look no longer, you are at the Right Place to “Simplify Convenience” to You and your Customers.

eConcierge Business Services…

  • Improve closing ratioslost time
  • Increase productivity
  • Properly allocate time & resources
  • Eliminates burden on management           
  • Magnify Customers


The Time is Now to end the time stealing and costly “old fashioned” way of getting your day-to-day responsibilities done.  Imagine an entire army of people doing those dreaded tasks for you, so you can get the work done that adds the biggest impact for growth and return on investment, while reducing your time and resources.

eConcierge Business Services offer…

  • No Customer Contract
  • Month to Month Agreement
  • Profit Sharing Opportunity
  • Free Enrollment for Utility Concierge
  • Free Grocery Delivery with Enrollment


  1. Click on the Business Solutions Tab
  2. Click on the Service Solution that Best Fits your business modela.    MultiFamily Homeowner Association Corporate Concierge
  3. Contact Us so we can get you started “Right Away,” and start saving you the drudgery of menial tasks that add no value to your bottom-line results.