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Businesses of all sizes are always searching for a competitive advantage, to recruit the best employees, as well as offer the best services to their customers. eConcierge Solutions is exclusively designed to present you, your employees and customers with that competitive advantage, through our customer and business – deluxe comfort and luxury convenience concierge service offerings, also known as –

“Soft Benefits.”

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a new start-up company, offering “Soft Benefits” as a – retention based solution for employees and/or customers, will result in – immediate return on investment. You will also experience intensified and concentrated overall production, due to proper allocation of employee’s time, allowing them to focus on the job they were hired to do.

eConcierge Solutions offers a customized lifestyle management platform, that will present these “Soft Benefits” for your company.  In addition, we will amplify customer loyalty and will uniquely separate you – from your competition.

For examples of “Soft Benefits”View Customer Solutions

We will also increase your company’s brand awareness, by customizing a Concierge Services Website for your employees and/or customers to access. Lifestyle Management Concierge Services are the best suite of amenities you can offer.

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